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Pricing and Specials

Standard Jump Time Pricing

Friday – Sunday & Holidays and School Breaks  **

  •  60 Minutes          $14.00
  •  90 Minutes          $22.00
  • 120 Minutes         $26.00

Monday – Thursday

  •   60 Minutes        $14.00
  • 120 Minutes        $20.00

We start jump sessions every 30 minutes at the top of the hour and 30 minutes past.  Please arrive early to allow time to check in.  Additionally we require all jumpers to wear Sky High Sports grip socks.  Sky High Sports grip socks are available for purchase at our front desk for $2.50. They’re washable and re-usable so remember to bring them with you each time you return to jump!

**On holidays and during school breaks, all jump time will reflect standard Friday – Sunday & Holiday pricing. Please check our on-line calendar.  Spring Break is Holiday pricing.

After Dark: It’s a cosmic laser night every Friday from 8pm – 11pm. Enjoy the vibe with our DJ mixing family friendly pop, rock and country songs while playing dodgeball, dunking basketballs or freestyling on our main court all to a color laser light show. $25 for up to 3 hours from 8pm – 11pm. Ages 8 and up only please.




Weekly Specials – Available as walk in only – NOT AVAILABLE ON HOLIDAYS AND SCHOOL BREAKS **


All You Can Jump:  Jump for $18 for 2 hours.  Mondays & Tuesday from 5-7pm, and Wednesday & Thursday from 6-8pm.  All You Can Jump for $18!

Family Night:  Wednesday night is Family Night at Sky High Sports!  From 5-8 pm a family of four can enjoy 1 hour of jump time and receive 1 large cheese or pepperoni pizza, 4 bottles of ice cold water, and 4 pairs of Sky High grip socks.  All for $50 !!!  This offer is for IMMEDIATE FAMILY MEMBERS ONLY and must include 1 participating parent.  All pizzas must be served by 7pm.


Gift Cards are now available! Call for details!



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ASTM International Association of Trampoline Parks

All Jumpers need a liability waiver. As of 6/15 all paper waivers have expired. Please sign a new one.

Sky High Sports