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This quick video shows special hours in action and explains why it’s a labor of love for our founder.


On the first Monday** of each month Sky High Sports Burlingame designates a time to turn down the music, dim the lights and dials down the distractions for the comfort of our special needs guests. Our jump sessions for kids with special needs and their families is a passion project for Sky High founder Jerry Raymond. The father of a special needs son, Jerry has witnessed how jumping can help improve motor and sensory skills, social interaction and overall fitness for kids and young adults on the Autism spectrum as well as young people with Down Syndrome, Muscular Dystrophy and other disorders.

(**note, weekly specials such as this may be cancelled during holiday breaks. Please check the online event calendar to confirm)

Before launching the first Sky High Sports trampoline park, Jerry found it challenging to find places for families like his own to play together. Sometimes facilities and other families just didn’t offer patience or understanding. After opening the first Sky High in 2006, he recognized that not only did all of his sons love jumping, it was helping his Aspie son to develop motor skills, balance and social skills. Everyone was having fun and fitness playing together.

Jump sessions for kids with special needs and their families became Jerry’s passion project.  ThisSpecDadBoy program is now hosted all locations across  America.

Not only does bouncing bring these kids and young  adults  incredible joy, jumpers come away with feelings  of  accomplishment. Families, including neuro-typical  siblings,  enjoy an atmosphere of camaraderie with  other  understanding, like-minded families.

Read more from the Chicago Tribune.

During our monthly special needs jump sessions, each jumper with special needs is $7 from 3pm until 5:30pm with one parent or therapist free. Family members are also welcome to jump. Therapists, grandparents and others can’t sign waivers for anyone under 18 years of age. Only parents and legal guardians can sign, so be sure to complete the on-line waiver before arriving!


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